Angelic Rose


If words have any power to adequately convey

The depths of being whence shoot forth

The wellspring of sensation

Were language endowed the mechanism to

Capture the full experience of a living heart

If wisdom in her great benevolence has blessed

These wretched hands with any lucidity of thought

Or clarity of true picture

These lines must show


Angelic Rose

Bursting forth with spectacular radiance

She entered my life

Awakening the dawn

With a countenance of dazzling splendor

Precious and brightly beaming

Had I the power to gaze

An astounding constellation of incredibility

Resplendent beyond all else

With so divine a song

Upon streams of potent melody

A smile lustrously ablaze

As embers at the breathing wind

Glowing like choicest rubies stricken by the sun

On her affection found no greater aim

In her my soul soared

An ardent union

A magnificent bliss surpassing all former want

Yet from deepest recess

A vacuum consumes

A convulsion a writhing

Withered I thirst

Earnestly I seek

As deep cries out to deep

Then You

The source of angelic glow

Love’s pure light

How I’ve longed for your unfailing love

Whelming as the mighty tide

Yet bursting not

To behold your essence

The source and limit of all good

A joy unspeakable

A gladness unutterable

Embrace me in warmth eternal

For there is none like you

Beauty perfected

Living water consume

Take my life

I surrender

Crown at last thy bloom

Author: Aaron Buttery

A man in process.

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