Erin in Barcelona

How I came to be so lucky I cannot say

I guess it all started that warm summer day

It was Wednesday and the sun was starting to set

Painting the perfect background for a day I’ll never forget


Underneath the vast amber sky above

Events were coordinating an evening of love

Ignorant to it all, I carried on my way

Meandering around on our nation’s birthday


Upon reaching my favorite seat in the square

I kicked back, relaxed, and enjoyed the Mediterranean air

With my cocktail in hand I observed the town folk

Each with their own stories not to be misspoke


You had your old men and ladies and families with babies

Accompanied with young lovers and everything a patient eye discovers

And I the lonely gazer just sat and wait

For my longtime friend who was running a bit late


As darkness fell you could hear afar

Sweet music from the restaurants and a Spanish guitar

Up in the night sky fish swam with the stars

Down on the ground people were en route for the bars


Right around then I noticed the silver moon rise

Lunar rays enchanting the square, serenity to my eyes

Each soft beam danced through the trees

Sprayed over the buildings and reflected across the sea


It was then my wandering eyes fell upon her face

Overwhelmed and spellbound I was paralyzed by her grace

Those radiant eyes, that cunning smile, those sculpted thighs, that exquisite style

The way her hair fell, drove me wild, Christmas came early for this special child


She walked right past me, her scent nectar sweet

Like only those flowers the deep Amazon would excrete

Starting to calm down from my ecstatic state

I felt a tap on my shoulder, it was my friend who was running late


He sat with me as I filled him in

Took a quick glance and hoped she had a twin

It was then that I observed, much to my delight

This goddess glancing my way forthright


One thousand thoughts raced through my mind every second

When she glanced my way again, to her I beckoned

She gave me the signal, I was instantly blessed

When I advanced her way, I felt a slight pain in my chest


We greeted each other and engaged in small talk

I was becoming eager so I asked for a walk

We headed to the beach for a barefoot stroll in the sand

The whole time I was yearning to hold her warm hand


The evening flew by, the moon had descend

An eternity with her my soul longed to spend

We stopped for a moment, I saw a twinkle in her eye

I reached out my arm and prayed to the sky


She then pulled me in till we were face to face

Oh ecstatic joy, Oh sweet embrace


And that my friends, was how it all started

The following months brought vast waters uncharted

In those times the magical moments were many

I would go into them now, but for now you’ve had plenty

Author: Aaron Buttery

A man in process.

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