Kairos Chiasm

Birthed in a broken world

Children wander admits fallen communities

No rest is found at home


Flowers grow in perverted light

Polluted water feeds the street

Thorns sprout in necessity


In the darkness shadows form reality

Groping for stability roots seek structure

Survival is the flurry


Ongoing the great wheel grinds

Catching the proud and apathetic alike

Sifting, Sorting, Breaking


Confined by walls the mind suffers

Identities spoon fed by state clothes

Frustration abounds


Days become years, years become lost

Countless ships adrift at sea

Is this all there is?


Routine numbs a callous heart

Stale eyes seek new roads

Changing winds breathe new life


Kairos, God’s appointed time


Apprehensive upon arrival

Desperate hope strikes unfamiliarity

Unconditional love soothes hardened sores


Purpose is regained

True identities are found

Years of dry tears are shed


Repelling masks are revealed and removed

Walls break brick by painful brick

Freedom is found in forgiveness


Not a heart untouched

Every soul stirred and burned

The refiner’s fire ablaze


Light reveals unforeseen landscapes

Stability is found in sure footing

Reality solidified by undeniable experience


The Holy Spirit richly felt

Empowering and transforming

The wellspring of life overflows


New brothers are born

Stronger communities are formed

A redeemed world adorned


(A chiasm inspired by prison ministry)

Author: Aaron Buttery

A man in process.

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