Amos 7-9

7:1-6 More scripture that highlights the importance of prayer, especially intercessory prayer. An amazing reality: When we pray, God not only hears, but will even change his actions/plans in response to our prayers (as highlighted with Moses in Exodus 33). Given such an amazing truth, how is it that we pray so little? Lord, may you continue to grow within me a heart and hunger for prayer.

7:14 Life parallel with the scripture: I was neither a priest nor the son of a priest, but the LORD took me from a nuclear plant and sent me to prison saying, “Go, ‘prophesy’ to my people.” I will go where you will lead me LORD. Thank you.

8:11 LORD, thank you that far from there being a famine of your word throughout the land, I live in a time where it is the most accessible ever. That being said, just because it is accessible, doesn’t mean I access it. Lord, thank you for this renewed conviction to spend time with you in the early morning in your word. May there no longer be a famine of your word in my life. May I daily seek your presence and your voice in your word. Give us this day, and every day, our daily bread.

9:11-15 Though the LORD may destroy and allow destruction to happen, he always restores what was always intended to be restored. Hallelujah! Lord, may I not complain when you prune me. Have your good and perfect will done in my life. Thank you Lord that we have an eternal promise in you. God, I pray for our nation. We are a disobedient, obstinate, adulterous people who as a whole, are drifting further and further away from you. Remember the faithful ones Lord. Hear our prayers as you heard Moses and Amos. Convict the hearts of evil men and daughters of the night. For God, you are mighty to save. I pray you would pour out your Spirit afresh upon our nation. That all hearts would be drawn back to you. That the spirit of division and tribalism would have no claim upon us. That we would be united in you Jesus…One nation under God, with liberty and justice for all.

Author: Aaron Buttery

A man in process.

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