Aaron’s Psalm 1

Thank you Jesus for the Living Water, which gushes from the depths of my being.

May it fill every crevasse, quench every thirst, and overflow into the hidden places.

Replenish and restore, LORD, this broken vessel.

The hour has come.

Beautiful is your creation.  Wonderful your ways.

Direct me LORD.  Lead me.

I seek refuge in your shadow, rest under your tree.

With open arms I receive you, basking in the warmth of your gaze.

Your goodness and faithfulness wash over me.

You bathe me in kisses of love.

Oh majestic Breath of Life, breathe again.

Blow a new song through these veins.

A song of simpler times.

Of childhood dreams and willow swings.

A tune to live and carry.

A song that never dies.